Abhishek Sanwal



Product & Solutions Innovation Strategy and Leadership with wide range of global experiences from Startups to Fortune 20s. Extensive thought leadership in Product Strategy, Business Architecture, Enterprise & Platform. 15 years pioneering expertise & experience with IOT (Sensor Networks/ Mobile Ad Hoc Networks) way ahead of current buzz & industry trends with research into advanced research & design paradigms.

IOT Landscape, Evolution & Marturity Models: Greatest opportunity to Rework the Internet

Room: N-124 | Time: 2:30pm - 3:20pm

IOT Landscape, Evolution & Marturity Models: Greatest opportunity to Rework the Internet. The internet, its backbone and its underlying protocols and standards have taken a few decades to evolve and stabilize. Shift to wireless, mobile access and now smart phones have added a relatively 'flexible' attribute on top of the backbone. Internet of Things or Internet of Everything will bring everything under the sun on the Net, online and having a virtual presence.
10-15 years back, scenarioes and complexities (once only explored by the DoD & cutting edge academisc researchers) broke the performance of existing protocols, will be replicated in commonplace locations everywhere. As a backbone the old internet works fine, but with the extensive variety in last mile/mm fringe elements & scenario patterns that will emerge, we need to reinvent how we connect and coordinate these devices and people, individually and as dynamic collectives; everything from discovery, security, privacy & hand offs to big picture co ordination.
IOT makes one simple promise, making our lives easier & better, at home or work; albeit Activities, behaviors and patterns vary has widely as people, domains and industries, the complexities will increase manifold. What are the solution sets & paradigms?
Here lies the greatest opportunity to rework, and evolve the next generation of Human & Internet - protocols, paradigms and architectures; which were once designed based on how 'computers' talk to each other. Even though we are seeing evolution of 'appliction oriented' networks, they will have to be more 'human-like dynamic' networks that 'absorb' increasingly from human paradigms, as well as from solutions that have evolved in the academic research over 10-15 years and carry over towards the next-gen solutions; be it humans, wearables, devices, mobile, machines (M2M) and industrial internet.
IOT Evolution and Maturity Model will go from simple remote monitoring to self governing dynamically aware entities that work together.

2:30pm - 3:20pm