Alex Lebrurn



Alex Lebrun teaches Natural Language to machines. He is the cofounder and CEO of Wit.AI, an AI platform that makes it easy for developers to create applications that users can talk to. Before starting Wit.AI, Alex was the founder and CEO of VirtuOz, the world leader in “Siri for the Enterprise” virtual agents, acquired by Nuance Communications in 2013. Alex received a MS in Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France, and spent many years learning Chinese language and culture. He lives in Palo Alto.

Speech Interfaces for the Internet of Things

Room: N-125 | Time: 3:00pm - 3:20pm

As smart devices and wearables get smaller and smaller, traditional user interfaces like touch just don't work anymore. Speech is how we will communicate with these devices. However, building voice interfaces has always been a nightmare for developers, and the resulting user experience is usually terrible.

We will explore the best practices of building a speech interface, from deciding if the device is a good candidate for a voice UI, setting the right end user expectations, and designing the voice interactions. We will take 5 minutes to build a micro-Siri in real time.

3:00pm - 3:20pm