Dale DellArio

Ario Design


Dale is a mechanical engineer and founder of Ario Living. He has developed commercial and medical products for Hewlett Packard Company, Spacelabs Medical, and Olympic Medical division of Natus Corp. While at Olympic Medical he designed infant phototherapy lighting products. In 1995 he developed an interest in residential interior lighting and started Ario Lighting. In 2008 he left Olympic to start a design consulting practice. During that time he became aware of the health impact of lighting. While studying this he observed an opportunity that is largely ignored by the lighting industry. For the past several years he has been developing prototypes of color tuneable light sources that address the need for safe, healthy lighting. A year ago he teamed with other technical professionals working to bring to market practical products that make lighting healthy for the first time. Dale graduated with a MS and BS in Engineering Product Design from Stanford University.

Connected lighting for health

Room: N-125 | Time: 2:00pm - 2:20pm

Solid state lighting properly designed and controlled could have a strong positive health impact. IoT makes this easier. Researchers have discovered that normal incandescent light is not good for us. Most LED and compact fluorescent lighting is worse. What is needed is control over the color of the light in which we live. Our bodies have evolved expecting blue rich light during the day and little or no light at night. Normal lighting in the evening fools our bodies into acting as if it is still day time when they should be preparing us for sleep. Ario Living is developing products that control the blue content of the light they deliver appropriate to the time of day, from blue rich light they expect to a warm firelight in the evening and night time. The lighting schedule can be controlled and coordinated wirelessly. Our talk will describe why color controlled lighting is important to health and how wireless communication between lamps, the web, and smart devices can facilitate the benefits properly designed solid state lighting can deliver. We will demonstrate one of our color changing lamps and show how scheduling them can make everyday life easier.

2:00pm - 2:20pm