David Woodard

Eurotech, Inc


Project lead for Arrow Electronic's Arrow Cloud Connect initiative. This initiative provides engineers with a low overhead introduction to IoT technologies. Since joining Eurotech, David has been contributing to the Eclipse Kura project especially in the area of the networking and web administration. David holds a Masters of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Portland State University

Eclipse Kura: An Introduction

Room: N-123 | Time: 4:00pm - 4:20pm

Internet of Things adoption is constrained by disparate implementations and proprietary solutions. The emergence of a service gateway model operating on the edge of a deployment as an aggregator and controller has opened up the possibility of enabling enterprise-level technologies in the world of IoT. This session discusses Eclipse Kura, a Java- and OSGi-based application framework for service gateways. Kura abstracts and isolates the developer from the complexity of the hardware subsystems and ensures application portability across architectures. Kura built-in components are configurable services covering the most-common building blocks for Internet of Things applications such as I/O access, network configuration, data services, and remote management.

4:00pm - 4:20pm