Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Progress Software


Eduardo worked at Sun Microsystems in multiple areas, ranging from Compilers, IDEs, Object-Oriented Operating Sytems, and Java. He authored several Java Specifications, including JSP, and has been a key participant in multiple Open Source initiatives at Sun, including Tomcat, Jenkins and GlassFish. After Sun, Eduardo worked at BlackBerry in several projects, including building up their Open Source process and projects. Before Sun, Eduardo did research in languages and compilers, with a PhD from Berkeley and a PostDoc at PARC. Eduardo is currently in the office of the CTO at Progress Software working in different strategic and developer efforts,including IOT, Developer outreach and corporate development.

Node.js as an IOT bridge

Room: N-124 | Time: 10:40am - 11:00am

In this talk we will show how node's ability to connect events between a multiplicity of sources can be used in IOT applications. We will first show how a node.js layer on a platform like can receive events from iBeacons and interact with web services and with databases like MongoDB. We will then show a simple Node.js local layer that controls behind-the-firewall devices like Philips Hue smartlights. The local layer can run in multiple environments, including single board compulers like a BeagleBlone Black. The two node.js layers can interact and we will show a simple application where lights in an office respond to the arrival and departure of a person. The node.js layer is also a perfect place where to interact with enterprise services and we will provide an overview of how this layer can interact in a bi-directional manner with a Model-driven platform like Progress Rollbase, or how to be presented by the Apache Cordova-based Rollbase Mobile applications. Together node.js provides the glue needed to create very powerful IOT applications.

10:40am - 11:00am