Matthew Sibigtroth



For over a decade, Matthew has been playfully blending hardware and software technologies to prototype delightful user experiences. Previously, as Senior Prototype Developer at the Stupid Fun Club, he collaborated with visionary Will Wright to create social robots, toys, games, and television shows. After that he worked as Senior Design Technologist at frog to translate blue sky concepts into functional physical and digital manifestations. Currently, as UX Prototyper at Google, Matthew is exploring the boundaries of the Physical Web possibility space.

The Physical Web

Room: E-132 | Time: 2:30pm - 2:50pm

Connected devices are drastically expanding the possibility space of user-machine interactions. Currently, most of these devices require that the user install a native app on their mobile device to allow for such interactivity. As more and more connected devices start to appear around us, installing an app for each one does not scale well. An alternative approach is that these devices simply broadcast a url which users then point their browsers to. The served content can be relevant information or even a direct interface to the device. This Physical Web, if adopted, would allow for on-demand device interactions, all without installing any app whatsoever. This talk will explain the what, why, and how of a proposed open standard Physical Web.

2:30pm - 2:50pm