Michael Holdmann

Coversant, Inc.


I have been involved in the Telecom/Internet industry since I started pulling 25, 50 and 100 pair cable for small key systems and maintaining large 5000 line PBX’s in the late seventies and early eighties. I designed and deployed a wireless (MMDS) internet company in mid nineties and created an ASP model (this is the old term for Cloud) using network attached appliance with secure card log on and no storage at endpoint in late nineties. I worked with product teams developing and launching VPN, MPLS and converged communications technologies at US based RBOC in the early two thousands. I developed and opened international markets for a global ecommerce platform and I developed secure remote desktop environment and backend system using portablized applications technology as opposed to virtualized technology. I currently run Sales Marketing and strategy for Coversant, Inc. which has developed an Internet of Things Service Bus (IoT-SB) which allows Continuity across platfroms and OS's and federation of disparate systems and devices creating and event driven fabric for machine and human to interact seamlessly.

Over twenty five years of hands-on experience developing and directing corporate strategy and business development programs. Multi-disciplined, result oriented. A skilled negotiator attuned to Clients needs with a proven record of achieving the highest levels of productivity and efficiency, management experience includes:

• SOA 2.0
• Application Centric Networking
• IoT
• M2M
• Start Ups
• Strategic Planning
• eCommerce
• Online Conversion
• Channel Distribution
• Mentoring
• Project Management
• International Market Development
• Revenue Generation
• Team Leadership
• Full P&L Oversight

IoT architecture requires Event Driven Fabric

Room: N-121 | Time: 4:00pm - 4:50pm

In order for IoT to accomplish the high expectations that the market is promising it must start with a secure efficient service bus based on an event driven architecture creating a real time fabric that allows not only delivery of data to a database for analysis, it must also poses the ability to route messages to end points, whether human or application that can take action on events allowing real time control of assets reducing energy consumption, allowing proactive maintenance and most importantly saving asset and/or human life.

The session will include live demo of Dynamic Rostering and Automation via Messaging enabling auto discovery, auto configuration, auto management an auto control of devices.

4:00pm - 4:50pm