Oliver Hutaff

Electric Imp


Oliver Hutaff brings more than 17 years of corporate and operational financial management to Electric Imp. Prior to joining Electric Imp, Oliver was CFO at Roku, Inc. He was honored as 2012 CFO of the Year by the San Jose - Silicon Valley Business Journal.

The True Value of the Internet of Things

Room: N-123 | Time: 1:30pm - 1:50pm

The potential value of the Internet of Things has been estimated in the trillions of dollars. Missing from the vast estimates, however, are specifics about how businesses can tap into those trillions to create - and ultimately realize - actual revenue and value-add benefits from an Internet connectivity strategy. Oliver Hutaff, CFO of Internet of Things connectivity platform Electric Imp, will provide expert insight into which industries and business verticals have the potential highest benefit, the reasons why companies should pursue an IoT model, and identify where and how businesses can achieve revenue and value generation opportunities.

1:30pm - 1:50pm