Ramin Firoozye


Ramin Firoozye has been a tech consultant and indy mobile app developer since 2007, building iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile apps for others and under his own label. His apps have front-paged and won several awards including Macworld Best of Show. He has been working on Bluetooth LE and connected device integration for the last three years, including several commercial wearable and IoT projects where he developed custom firmware, connected mobile apps, and back-end services. Previous to his stint in the mobile world he worked on browsers, applications, and internet infrastructure and consulted for companies like Apple, AutoDesk, IBM, Intel, NASA, Procter & Gamble, and Taligent. Ramin has given presentations on how to 'Build Your own iBeacon' as well as 'iPhone and iPad Back-End Servers for mere mortals'. He can also be found on twitter at @raminf and occasionally posts on technical topics at http://blog.firoozye.com. He lives and works in Berkeley, California.

Not another *$#@ app: How to avoid IoT fatigue

Room: N-124 | Time: 1:30pm - 2:20pm

Every time we acquire a new connected device we have to download and install a corresponding mobile app to manage and communicate with it. As the world of IoT and connected devices expands this may mean an individual user may well have to download and install tens, hundreds, or thousands of separate apps (and remember which app goes with which device). Given this trajectory, IoT app fatigue may not be too far behind.
In this presentation we will discuss a system where a single app can automatically discover and interact with all recognized nearby devices. Underlying all this is a set of technologies involving Bluetooth LE, Wifi, mobile devices, proximity beacons, device-independent APIs and registries, and ways to dynamically generate native mobile UIs. The end-user experience will be to install a single app and never have to worry about which app to run with which device again.

1:30pm - 2:20pm