Rikard Strid



Rikard Strid is co-founder and CEO of Clayster, with a mission to change the structure of how we understand and live with information. He use his energy to create new models and standards for the Internet to meet the demands of trillions things that is talking to each other on an open fabric. He lives in NYC, but goes back and forth between Sweden and San Francisco. In this moment he is involved with ISO/IEEE/IEC to evolve XMPP as the fundamental standard for Internet Of Things, and as a tool to accelerate development.

XMPP - Normalize Internet Of Things

Room: N-123 | Time: 2:00pm - 2:20pm

As a developer you face a myriad of complex questions when entering the world of Internet Of Things. A great challenge is, “How do I connect my awesome IoT solution to the Internet with high security and interoperability, so others can create the next Killer App for my device?”. That’s where XMPP comes into the picture. You can forget about creating a back-end, just use your Google account or download an open source XMPP Server. The API is built into the protocol, which is standardized by IETF, ISO, IEEE, XSF, and IEC to secure the future for your work. I promise you that IoT development has never been easier. XMPP by itself provides you with a lot tools that HTTP lacks that are good to have when you want to make things communicate on the Internet. XMPP makes IoT development easy.

Internet Of Things is not about one single protocol or technology; it is about making them live together. The IoT XMPP initiative is about using a well-known technology that once unified humans to communicate on the Internet, to now give the same advantage for connected things. With XMPP you can normalize every other protocol, like MQTT, CoAP, RESTful, etc. into one common language. No more proprietary Back-End or API when you create the next IoT solution. You will learn how XMPP helps you navigate as pro in the protocol jungle. Every domain has its own protocol war, but to rule real-time communication on the Internet there is only one, and that is XMPP.

2:00pm - 2:20pm