RJ Mahadev

Cisco Systems, Inc.


RJ Mahadev is a seasoned executive with significant experience positioning industry-changing technologies across global markets. He has helped consistently exceed revenue and profitability targets through the effective use of technology.

RJ is currently the Business Development Lead for Cisco’s Internet of Things Services. RJ’s responsibilities include working with 'Leading Customers and Partners' to develop and deploy vertical solutions in support of IoT deployments.

RJ has 20+ years of prior executive experience:

•Principal Advisory Services, Cisco Systems where he was responsible for consulting to C-level executives within the largest Utility, Service Provider, Public Sector & Enterprise customers. Lead for Smart Grid & Strategic Investment opportunities.

•Co-Founder & Managing Director, EuroBroadband, a pre-WiMax broadband wireless startup where he led the development and operational execution of the business plan including license & vendor negotiation, product management and rapid network deployment.

•Vice President, SoftSwitch Product Management at Level 3 Communications where he was responsible for deploying the world’s largest SoftSwitch platform, ultimately growing the business to 8 billion+ minutes a month with service across North America, Europe & Asia.

RJ holds an MBA in Marketing & and is a recognized speaker who has presented at numerous industry and strategy conferences. He currently lives in San Francisco and speaks more than one foreign language, badly.

IoT Bubble: Hype or Hope

Room: N-123 | Time: 11:40am - 12:00pm

Remember the dotcom bubble? It started with the emergence of the World Wide Web and ended with the collapse of many web-based companies that had reached excessive valuation. Along the way, this era generated massive innovation, economic growth and wealth for a lucky few. It also restructured a number of industries, including Telecoms, Retail and Entertainment. It built the foundation for the connected world we live in today. Companies like Google, Facebook and the dominance of Social Media would not have been possible without the dotcom bubble. The Internet of Things has now been around for a few years and offers real innovations for both consumers and industries but has yet to generate the level of innovation or economic activity of the dotcom era. Has it been more hot air than substance and more importantly how can we drive more economic opportunities? What parallels can we draw from the dotcom era that can help us? This session will provide different viewpoints of the Internet of Things and where it is going.

11:40am - 12:00pm