Russell Hanabusa



Russell Hanabusa has a passion for protecting people from attacks. He invented SkinSampler technology to identify and deter attackers. Russell is the founder of ADAISI and owner of the SkinSampler patent. He is working to bring the benefits of SkinSamplers to society by using them for self-defense, counter terrorism, property protection, military and criminal intelligence. He has 20 years of design engineering experience. He was a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara Univ. and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State.

SkinSampler Technology

Room: N-121 | Time: 2:30pm - 3:20pm

This is exactly to the type of new opportunity the IoT attendances came to see.

SkinSampler Technology is a new type of identification device the deliberately makes lots of DNA evidence against people which is wirelessly detectable and uniquely identifiable.

They will be used by the U.S. military, police, women, and children to deter and identify harmful people like terrorists, kidnappers, and rapists.

Mobile phones and other detectors can be networked to find SkinSamplers.
Common people will be offered rewards for making important SkinSampler detections.
SkinSamplers and the detection network will change the nature of society worldwide.

SkinSamplers identify people by DNA and by marking them, their car, parcels, and home for wireless identification.

*** At this point I will do a brief demonstration of SkinSamplers ***

SkinSamplers have 4 features:

1. They take and hold skin (DNA) from anyone they touch just by scratching.
2. They are wirelessly detectable with a unique wireless ID code. They do not use batteries and never run down.
3. They spread from person-to-person and between people, parcels, cars, homes, and hideouts.
4. They can be made as small as a flea and electronically stealthy. Unseen by enemy eyes and enemy detectors while remaining detectable to us.

These features make them ideal for Military intelligence, Police work, and self-defense.
SkinSamplers are low cost and maintenance free.
They change helpless kidnap victims into identification booby-traps.
They can be sprinkled to identify terrorists, insurgent fighters, and criminals.
They can be spread on valuable items to deter and identify thieves.

SkinSampler Technology creates a new IoT identification industry which provides for new products and services, patents, and companies.

These new products include the following:

1. Self-defense clothing and jewelry for women and children.
2. Crime deterring garments for violent parolees.
3. Un-noticeable SkinSamplers for counter terrorism.
4. Military SkinSamplers to identify insurgent networks.
5. SkinSamplers for property protection and thieve identification.
6. Police under-cover SkinSamplers.

The SkinSampler patent will provide market advantages to partners until August of 2023.

2:30pm - 3:20pm