Sangeeta Agarawal



Sangeeta Agarawal is a true holistic nurse and engineer - she strives to bridge the gap in healthcare by leveraging the best of eastern and western medicine and educate her patients on leveraging technology to empower themselves. She is a Clinical Ayurveda specialist, registered nurse, researcher, author and computer scientist. She provides comprehensive care to cancer patients at Stanford Hospital and Clinic as an oncology nurses. As a Clinical Co-ordinator at UCSF (University of California San Francisco), She is in charge of running the groundbreaking NIH funded research on use of Ayurveda for improving quality of life for cancer survivors. She is the Chair for the Committee for Research for AAPNA(Association for Ayurvedic Practitioners in North American) and co-chair for American Holistic Nurses Association. She has co-authored several papers in Integrative Oncology and has been an invited speaker at national conferences. She conducts education events for patients and health care providers at leading organizations and enjoys a huge following on facebook and twitter. Prior to entering healthcare, Sangeeta led a successful startup and worked at multinational organizations such as IBM and Motorola as a computer scientist. She is a Phd candidate at UCSF with research focus on intersection of cancer and big data.

Nurses and Patients perspective on Digital health - the benefits and frustrations

Room: N-123 | Time: 2:30pm - 2:50pm

This talk sheds light on the way digital health is used in traditional healthcare settings as well as in consumer market. As an oncology nurse - I work with EMR, co-ordination systems, tele health and several other traditional systems. In this talk, I will discuss the common practices and the current challenges faced by health care professionals on the ground.

At the same time, As a researcher and speaker in health and wellness, I encounter many tracking devices and behavior change studies.Here, I will discuss both - preliminary research studies in this area as well as patient/client perspective.

This session is meant for someone who is interested in digital health and wants to brain storm on how they can take digital health to next level.

2:30pm - 2:50pm