Stewart Christie



Stewart is the Community Manager for the Internet of Things Developer Program for users of the Intel® Galileo and Edison products, but he started his career developing hardware and software for embedded projects ranging from Dishwasher Controls to Space Station Motor Drives. When development became too tiresome, he helped run an embedded software tools company. Since moving to Intel 14 years ago, Stewart has continued his involvement with all things embedded, and has worked with the Intel® software tools ecosystem and was responsible for JTAG enabling, RTOS porting, and Compilers and Debuggers. After all this time he is now finally getting paid to work with robots, servos, sensors and software and hardware developers who use them

Building a Nodebot with Javascript and the Intel XDK

Room: E-130 | Time: 11:40am - 12:30pm

Enjoy an overview of the multiple ways to connect JavaScript and IoT devices with particular details of the I/O, sensors and actuators. With the advent of low cost Linux hobbyist boards capable of running nodeJS several different libraries have been developed that support digital and analog input and output peripherals. We will present on overview of these somewhat divergent high level API’s, with examples of real use cases developed to take advantage of the new NodeJS support in the Intel XDK Tools. And there will be robots

11:40am - 12:30pm